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$15.00/mo for 10 packages/mo
$5.00 for one time use

1000+ locations

4.8/5 (+3500)


Package theft

Have your packages been stolen from outside your door?


Missed package

Are you frequently missing deliveries when you’re not home?

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How it works


Choose a convenient location that suits your delivery needs


Make a purchase to reveal the address of the location.

Pick up

Pick up your package at the location whenever you can!


Once you book a Vertoe location, you will be given the exact address to ship your package to. Think of it as your second address. When you?re ordering things online, just use this address as your shipping address. When the package reaches the Vertoe location, we will notify you and you can come and pick it up at whatever time is convenient for you. Please bring your order confirmation and a valid photo ID that matches the name on the package for your pick up.
You will need your order confirmation and a valid photo ID that matches the name on the package.
Pricing is $5 for a single-use. We offer a $15 monthly unlimited subscription that can be used at one location only.
We allow packages up to 100lbs.
No, we do not allow perishables. Our insurance doesn?t cover for perishables.
While there is no hurry, you should pick up your package at the earliest when it?s convenient for you. Please do note that items left for more than 30 days may be returned or disposed of, if you don?t pick up.
To give you that extra peace of mind, every booking is covered by a $1000 insurance.
The location is manually verified for safety and trained by our team before being listed on the site. We have stored hundreds of thousands of items across our locations and we?re almost 5 stars rated across thousands of reviews.
For subscription, we offer free cancelation at any time. You will not be charged for the month following your cancelation date. If you would like to cancel your subscription please contact us at

For 1 time use: No cancelation policy as it is just a one time purchase